Talks I've talked

My face, when I talk (I kind of look like a techbro here and I regret that)


Observability: the Hard Parts
June 2018, Monitorama, Portland

Go: Best Practices for Industrial Programming
June 2018, GopherCon Iceland, Reykjavík

Observability workshop
April 2018, Fastly Altitude, New York City

February 2018, Papers We Love Too, San Francisco


Emergent Distributed Architectures
October 2017, Velocity, London

OK Log: Distributed and Coördination-Free Logging
September 2017, SRECon17, Dublin — video

OK Log: Evolutionary Optimization in Go
July 2017, GopherCon, Denver — video

Ways To Do Things
August 2017, GoSF Meetup, San Francisco — slides, video

Go + microservices = Go kit
March 2017, CloudNativeCon, Berlin — slides, video


Go Microservices workshop
November 2016, QCon, San Francisco
November 2016, GOTO, Copenhagen
June 2016, QCon, New York

Applied Go kit
August 2016, Golang UK, London — video
August 2016, Microservices Meetup, Berlin — video
April 2016, Craft Conf Go Meetup, Budapest

Cloud-native application stacks: a lightly-opinionated survey
May 2016, GlueCon, Denver — slides
November 2015, µCon, Stockholm

etcd over gossip: strongly-consistent semantics in a weakly-consistent world
May 2016, CoreOS Fest, Berlin — video

Introductory Go, from zero to hero
April 2016, mix-IT, Lyon

Go best practices, six years in
March 2016, QCon, London — video

Effortless eventual consistency: gossip and CRDTs with Weave Mesh
March 2016, QCon, London — video


A case for microservices
November 2015, dotGo, Paris — video

Go and the modern enterprise
September 2015, Rocket Tech Summit, Berlin
February 2015, FOSDEM, Brussels
February 2015, Go Gathering, London — video

Go kit: a standard library for microservices
August 2015, Golang UK, London — video
July 2015, GopherCon, Denver — video, slides

Mapping a microservices architecture
May 2015, SREcon Europe, Dublin — video

CRDTs in production
April 2015, Principles and Practices of Consistency, EuroSys, Bordeaux


Go at SoundCloud (interview)
December 2014, QCon, San Francisco — video

Consistency without consensus: CRDTs in production
December 2014, QCon, San Francisco — video
September 2014, Strange Loop, St. Louis — video
May 2014, Buzzwords, Berlin — video

Go: Best Practices for Production Environments
July 2014, GopherCon, Denver — video


Go in the Real World
December 2013, Hackference, Birmingham

Search and Discovery at SoundCloud
June 2013, Buzzwords, Berlin — video


Go Do: Go and software engineering
December 2012, Kings of Code, Amsterdam
December 2012, Tech Mesh, London

May 2012, SoundCloud lunch presentation, Berlin