Talks I've talked

My face, when I talk (I kind of look like a techbro here and I regret that)


Infinite Parallel Universes: State at the Edge
March 2020, QCon, London — video
November 2019, Velocity EU, Berlin


Coördination-free systems
January 2019, Fastly internal tech talk, San Francisco


Architecture and Domain Modeling workshop
September 2018, GopherCon, Denver

Observability: the hard parts
June 2018, Monitorama, Portland — video

Go: Best Practices for Industrial Programming
June 2018, GopherCon EU, Reykjavík — video

Observability workshop
April 2018, Fastly Altitude, New York City — video

February 2018, Papers We Love Too, San Francisco — video


Emergent Distributed Architectures
October 2017, Velocity, London

OK Log: Distributed and Coördination-Free Logging
September 2017, SRECon17, Dublin — video

OK Log: Evolutionary Optimization in Go
July 2017, GopherCon, Denver — video

Ways To Do Things
August 2017, GoSF Meetup, San Francisco — slides, video

Go + microservices = Go kit
March 2017, CloudNativeCon, Berlin — slides, video


Go Microservices workshop
November 2016, QCon, San Francisco
November 2016, GOTO, Copenhagen
June 2016, QCon, New York

Applied Go kit
August 2016, Golang UK, London — video
August 2016, Microservices Meetup, Berlin — video
April 2016, Craft Conf Go Meetup, Budapest

Cloud-native application stacks: a lightly-opinionated survey
May 2016, GlueCon, Denver — slides
November 2015, µCon, Stockholm

etcd over gossip: strongly-consistent semantics in a weakly-consistent world
May 2016, CoreOS Fest, Berlin — video

Introductory Go, from zero to hero
April 2016, mix-IT, Lyon

Go best practices, six years in
March 2016, QCon, London — video

Effortless eventual consistency: gossip and CRDTs with Weave Mesh
March 2016, QCon, London — video


A case for microservices
November 2015, dotGo, Paris — video

Go and the modern enterprise
September 2015, Rocket Tech Summit, Berlin
February 2015, FOSDEM, Brussels
February 2015, Go Gathering, London — video

Go kit: a standard library for microservices
August 2015, Golang UK, London — video
July 2015, GopherCon, Denver — video, slides

Mapping a microservices architecture
May 2015, SREcon Europe, Dublin — video

CRDTs in production
April 2015, Principles and Practices of Consistency, EuroSys, Bordeaux


Go at SoundCloud (interview)
December 2014, QCon, San Francisco — video

Consistency without consensus: CRDTs in production
December 2014, QCon, San Francisco — video
September 2014, Strange Loop, St. Louis — video
May 2014, Buzzwords, Berlin — video

Go: Best Practices for Production Environments
July 2014, GopherCon, Denver — video


Go in the Real World
December 2013, Hackference, Birmingham

Search and Discovery at SoundCloud
June 2013, Buzzwords, Berlin — video


Go Do: Go and software engineering
December 2012, Kings of Code, Amsterdam
December 2012, Tech Mesh, London

May 2012, SoundCloud lunch presentation, Berlin